FSC®, Reclaimed, Salvaged Wood

We believe that whenever possible wood products should come from FSC®, certified, reclaimed or salvaged sources.

The distinction we make between these 3 sources are as follows:

  • FSC® certified – wood that meets the Forest Stewardship Council® certification standards.
  • Reclaimed wood – wood that is no longer needed for its original use and is suitable for “repurposing”.  An example is douglas fir beams that have come from building demolitions and are resawn for use as flooring.
  • Salvaged wood – wood that comes from logs that have been left behind in clear cuts because they didn’t meet the size or species requirements of the original loggers. (see our pictorial about Red Cedar and Yellow cedar). Another source are logs that have floated loose from log booms and are drifting in open water posing a hazard to navigation and if not salvaged are destined to sink to the bottom of the waterway or go aground on some deserted beach.

We make it a point to find sources of wood that meet our definition whenever possible.

If you have a project that you think would benefit from the use of FSC® certified, reclaimed or salvaged wood please give us a call or fill out our enquiry form.