Inventory Specials

FSC® certified Mahogany from Guatemala

Kiln + Air Dried to 6-8% moisture content

Neck Blanks Flat 3” x 4” x 28-30” (flat grain on 4” face) $50/blank
Neck Blanks QR  3” x 4” x 28-30” (quarter/rift sawn on 4” face) $55.00/blank
Neck Blanks Small 3” x 4” x 19” (suitable for a mandolin) $33/blank
Off fall 1” – 3” x 3” thickness x 28”-30” $4.00/bf

FSC® certified Ziricote from Guatemala

Air Dried to <10% moisture content

Dreadnought acoustic sets book matched$200-$250/set
Classical acoustic sets book matched   $150-$175/set
Electric guitar drop tops, book matched  .18 – .20 thick x 7.5” x 20”-22”  
(these are repaired acoustic backs)  

Ukulele sizes also available.

Ukulele size:
Ziricote Lumber 8/4 & 4/4, 3’-7’, Select$23.00/bf
Ziricote Lumber 8/4 & 4/4, 2’-6’, Common $16.00/bf

Broad Leaf Maple Live Edge Slabs

Sizes up to 16 feet long and ranging from 16″ to 48″ and 3″ to 4″ thick.  These slabs were cut from urban salvage trees on Vancouver Island that were storm damaged, diseased or presented a hazard.  They were air dried for 12 months, kiln dried down to 12% moisture content and have been air drying in Southern California for 20 months.  Some are spalted and there is good figure in all of them.

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Broad leaf maple live edge slab Close up of grain patterns on broadleaf maple live edge slab