New and Reclaimed/Salvaged Wood Flooring

Flooring is an important element of any living space.  Wood flooring adds warmth and value to a home.  Choosing the right flooring can be a daunting task.  Since you are on this website we assume you have decided that a wood floor is what you would like to have.  Good choice!  Wood is the ultimate sustainable product and for indoor spaces a wood floor provides an environmentally friendly and beautiful addition.

We highly recommend getting an experienced flooring contractor involved early to help guide your decisions.  The majority of our floor offerings require a professional or very talented DIY’er available to do the installation.

The first step in choosing a wood floor is to decide on the structure and characteristics that best suit where the floor will be laid.  The following information is meant to guide you through this process.

On Wooden subfloorYesYes
Below GradeNoYes
On concreteNot usuallyYes
Over radiant heatingNot usuallyYes
DurabilityDependent on speciesDependent on species
RefinishingMany times1-3 times



  • An unfinished floor requires sanding and a finish to be applied after the floor has been laid.
  • Choosing an unfinished floor lets you fully customize the colour and type of finish. If you are wanting to match a floor to an existing floor, then unfinished is the right choice.
  • Be aware that the extra work required to complete an unfinished floor adds cost and requires the area to be “isolated” from the rest of your house to prevent dust and possibly fumes (depending on the finish) from migrating into the adjoining living spaces.
  • If you are looking for the ultimate in a wood floor, having the floor finished on site will give you a truly magnificent one of a kind result.


  • As the name implies, this type of wood floor comes with a finish already applied to each board and the floor once laid is ready for use.
  • Literally hundreds of styles, wood species and finishes are available to match almost any personal preference or decor.
  • Much faster to complete, without the messiness of finishing an unfinished floor, this choice is great for remodels or projects that are on a tight timeline.
    Prefinished floors usually have bevelled edges on the boards that form a “microgroove” between the boards, however, they can also be supplied without the microgroove if preferred.

SOLID OR ENGINEERED (it’s all about what’s underneath)

SolidSolid Wood Flooring edited

Pretty simple, a solid wood floor is made from solid wood. Where wouldn’t you want to use a solid wood floor? Because the floor is only wood it should not be laid on a surface that could introduce destabilizing factors such as changes in moisture or temperature. Therefore, it is not generally recommended that solid wood flooring be installed on concrete, below grade or on surfaces containing radiant heating. Although, there are cases in which some species, when sawn in a particular way (rift or quarter sawn), have been successfully applied to the above subfloors. Please contact us if you really have your heart set on a solid wood floor and you have one of the above subfloors. *Call us at 855 426 9869 to discuss what species will work.

EngineeredRift Oak engineered

An engineered floor consists of multiple layers of material stacked one on top of the other for the purpose of providing stability. Depending on the manufacturer the floor can consist of 3 to 8 layers of support material below a variable thickness of real wood. Due to the supporting matrix, engineered floors are dimensionally stable and are recommended for installation on concrete, below grade or over radiant heat. Available both as unfinished or prefinished.

Below is a small example of some of the flooring we can supply.  In addition to most domestic (North American) species we can source FSC certified exotics from Central/South America…tigerwood, manchiche, cumaru, etc.